The BBC Radio adaptation of Delete This At Your Peril The Bob Servant Emails stars Brian Cox as Bob Servant and Felix Dexter, Laura Solon, Sanjeev Kohli and Lewis MacLeod as the spammers. It was broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland and then UK-wide on BBC Radio 4. It’s available for download through ITunes and Audible.

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Brian Cox, Felix Dexter, Neil Forsyth and Laura Solon

Episode 1 Olga, Sasha and the Jamaica Lakers
When Bob is approached by a scintillating Russian woman and her mysterious agent, he fearlessly launches an unlikely new business.

Episode 2 Lions, Gold and Confusion
Bob receives a Royal Appointment from Africa and begins the recruitment of wild animals for his neighbour's private zoo.

Episode 3 Bob and the Postie
Bob gets himself into terrible trouble with the postie. Luckily help is at hand from a helpful Internet spammer.

Episode 4 The Hunt For Jerren Jimjams
From his comfortable home in Broughty Ferry, Bob sparks off a manhunt in deepest Africa.

Episode 5 Bob's Granny Surprise
Bob is going great guns with a Internet bride until her grandmother makes a surprise appearance.

Episode 6 Willie's Indian Palace
When Bob receives an unexpected job offer from India, he quickly establishes a Scottish base and plans the all-important launch party.