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December 2015

Ask Bob will be released on audio book next year through Audible. And I was delighted to learn that Bob Servant was broadcast in Romania last month. I hope the Fife jokes landed.

Have a Merry Ferry Christmas from all at Stewpot's Bar, Broughty Ferry.

September 2015

The new Bob Servant book – Ask Bob – Your Guide to a Wonderful Life – is now available for pre-order and is released on October 8th.

Neil Forsyth, Jonathan Watson and others are doing two live shows in Scotland around the release, in Glasgow on October 9th and Dundee on October 10th. More details and tickets here –

There is a launch party in London on Thursday October 15th if you’d like to attend please email subject line – I want to have a ‘good time’ in London.

And sadly there won’t be any more of the Bob Servant TV show. You can read more in the Dundee Courier here and here.

June 2015

New Bob book news! Ask Bob – Your Guide to a Wonderful Life will be published by Random House/BBC Books in October. There’s a bit more information here with more to come.

Sign up for the newsletter to find out how you, the happy-go-lucky punter, can feature in the book. And you can pre-order the book right now through Amazon.

May 2015

Bob Servant won the Royal Television Society Award for Comedy! Below, Simon Hynd (Director), Neil Forsyth, Owen Bell (Producer). Sadly, Bob and Frank couldn’t make it after being thrown off the train at Invergowrie after a genuine misunderstanding.

April 2015

The first series of Bob Servant is now on Netflix. Hopefully the second series will join it at some point. Though that shouldn’t in any way dissuade you from buying a DVD of the first series which is trading an almost laughably competitive price. They’re great things to have around the house and provide a real boost to general morale. You can also watch it on Amazon Instant Video or rent through Love Film on the same link.

February 2015

The second series of Bob Servant has gone out on BBC1 Scotland and BBC4 and we’re delighted with the response. Lots of lovely reviews, great viewing figures and an entirely manageable level of boo boyery. See more including behind the scenes photos on the TV page.

October 2014

The second series of Bob Servant is going out on BBC1 Scotland in December and BBC4 in February. Bob Rides again.

February 2014

Bob Servant returning to TV

I'm delighted to confirm that Bob and Frank will be back on TV this year. We’re shooting a second series (this time called just Bob Servant) in Scotland in May and it will go out sometime in the Autumn, again on BBC4 and BBC2 Scotland. It’s been a bit of a wait, largely because having a brilliant Hollywood star as your lead actor can make timetables tricky, but we’re all looking forward to it.

I’ve pretty much written the episodes. Bob and Frank have recovered from the trauma of the by-election and we find them back to reality. Bob's version of reality, of course, is somewhat unique. It’s a more thoughtful Bob and a more ambitious Frank, but their ambition remains undimmed.

Once again, Bob Servant has proven that if you knock him down, then he’ll just lie on the ground for ages until you think he’s dead, and then very slowly get back up.

I’d like to dedicate this second series to the memory of the recently demolished Derby Street multis in Dundee. They’re in Heaven now, offering accommodation for the Angels. You can see their demolition here and you can read about how the TV show first came about here.

If you feel it’s the kind of thing you would like to do, you can buy the first series DVD here.

December 2013

There’s a very special Bob Servant event at the Gardyne Theatre in Dundee on December Friday 13th. More details here.

Bob Servant Independent was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA for Best Comedy. We had a great night and congratulations to the winner Limmy’s Show. There should be news on the television front soon. The DVD of the series is available.

The Artwork ‘Bob Servant’s Dundee’ is available from Eduardo Alessandro Studio in Dundee:

Have a Merry (Broughty) Ferry Xmas, more Bob to come in the New Year!

August 2013

As well as the Edinburgh Book Festival event on Friday August 16th (Details here) there will be a special one-off Bob Servant event in Dundee in December. Info here.

And to mark the Bob Servant events in Edinburgh and Dundee here’s an exclusive, Fifty Shades of Bob Servant.

June 2013

Neil Forsyth will be appearing at the Edinburgh Book Festival on Friday August 16th. He’ll be interviewed by Brian Taylor, the BBC Scotland Political Editor, then Jonathan Watson (wee Frank) and others will be performing some of the Bob Servant Emails. More info and tickets here.

You can download the 2012 Bob Servant event at the Edinburgh Book Festival through ITunes for free here.

Bob Servant news soon. In the meantime all the episodes are on YouTube (though please don't tell anyone) or you can be more honest and buy the DVD.

Also there's going to be a one off Bob Servant live event in Dundee in December, tickets available in a few weeks and you can watch Neil Forsyth the George Galloway rumours on the Daily Politics show here.

April 2013

Neil Forsyth and others will be appearing at the Aye Write! Glasgow Book Festival on Saturday April 13th at 12pm. Full details here.

March 2013

The Bob Servant Independent DVD is available now! It’s on Amazon here and on Saturday March 16th, Neil Forsyth and Jonathan Watson will be appearing and signing Bob Servant books and the newly released DVD of Bob Servant Independent at:

11am Perth Waterstones, PH1 5UX
12.30pm Dundee Waterstones, DD1 3DG
3pm St. Andrews Waterstones, KY16 9NX
4.30pm Eduardo Alessandro Gallery, Broughty Ferry, DD5 2BJ

February 2013

Bob Servant Independent DVD released. The Bob Servant DVD is now available for pre-order, it has lots of Extra Features and comes with a 2.5% discount card for Broughty Ferry's Stewpot's Bar (not weekends or holidays). You can pre-order it here.

January 2013

Bob Servant Independent has begun! Read reviews, see set photos and more on the TV page. You can read about the show’s development in the Guardian and on the BBC Writer’s Blog.

Full Transmission details below…


Bob Servant Independent starts on BBC4 on Wednesday 23rd January at 10pm. It will be repeated on Friday evenings on BBC2 Scotland at 10pm. Full transmission dates:

Episode 1 – “Launch Day”
Wednesday January 23rd
Friday January 25th
BBC4 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky Channel 970) 10pm
Episode 2 – “A Local Man”
Wednesday January 30th
Friday February 1st
BBC4 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky Channel 970) 10pm
Episode 3 – “Women and God”
Wednesday February 6th
Friday February 8th
BBC4 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky Channel 970) 10pm
Episode 4 – “The Media”
Wednesday February 13th
Friday February 15th
BBC4 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky Channel 970) 10pm
Episode 5 – “The Debate”
Wednesday February 20th
Friday February 22nd
BBC4 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky Channel 970) 10pm
Episode 6 – “Election Day”
Wednesday February 27th
Friday February 29th
BBC4 10pm
BBC2 Scotland (Sky Channel 970) 10pm

Here’s the programme page –
And you can watch a trailer here -

December 2012

Visit the Bob Servant Independent programme page here. And meet the characters here.

Read Bob's Xmas Message and the last ever Ask Bob in the List Magazine here.

There's a preview screening of Bob Servant Independent in Dundee on Thursday 10th January. It's being held at the Gardyne Theatre and free tickets are available at

Transmission dates for Bob Servant Independent will be confirmed in early January.

The radio series The Bob Servant Emails will be repeated on BBC Radio Scotland in January and February, every Friday at 1.45pm starting on Friday 11th January.

November 2012

Bob Servant Independent is finished. Six episodes to be transmitted on BBC4 in early 2013, full details to follow. I think they’re looking good so hopefully a handful of like-minded punters agree. Bob’s certainly excited. He’s now on twitter @bobservant

There will be a Bob Servant event in Broughty Ferry on the evening of Friday December 7th - details here and buy tickets here. I’m also doing a couple of Christmas signings of the Bob Servant books:

East Kilbride Waterstone’s            Friday 7th December 1.30-2.30pm
Dundee Waterstone’s                    Saturday 8th December 12pm – 1pm

All the Bob books are now available on Kindle and audio book, and the radio show can be downloaded through Itunes.

July 2012

We are filming more Bob Servant Independent in Scotland in September and the series will be broadcast on BBC4 sometime over the Winter, I’ll know in the next few weeks and update here. The first block of filming went very well and, as suspected, Broughty Ferry looks exactly like Miami on the screen. As well as Brian Cox and Jonathan Watson, we have had some brilliant actors involved including Shirley Henderson, Sanjeev Kohli, Greg McHugh, Rufus Jones, Pollyanna McIntosh, Derek Riddell and some of Dundee Rep’s ensemble.

March 2012

BBC Radio 4’s The Bob Servant Emails is now available for download. It can be purchased through ITunes either as a series or as individual episodes. And it’s available through Audible as a series here.

February 2012

I’m delighted to confirm that Bob Servant is heading for TV as a BBC4 sitcom. Filming has started in Scotland and the series will be transmitted sometime around late 2012/early 2013. Some coverage here and here. And here’s a wee snap from the set.

January 2012

The Bob Servant Emails will be released for download by the BBC in March. Also, all three Bob Servant books will be released on audio book over the next months. Check for more details. I will be doing a few book festivals this year, more details soon. Sign up for the Bob Servant newsletter for updates.

December 2011

Thanks for all the nice emails about Why Me? The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant. I’ll pass them on to Bob next time I see him in Stewpot’s. Some more extracts in the Sun and also from the Sun, Bob’s guide to Dundee.

Bob’s Christmas message on the Foyle’s website.

November 2011

Why Me? The Very Important Emails is out now! Read extracts through the 'Guardian' and the 'Independent' and read more through the Books Page.

September 2011

Follow me on twitter @mrneilforsyth

August 2011

The Bob Servant Emails will be released on download in September, more details soon and Delete This At Your Peril – The Bob Servant Emails and the forthcoming Why Me? The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant will both be released on audiobook later this year.

Full details and ticket info for my Edinburgh Book Festival appearance on August 23rd (8.30pm) here

Full details and ticket info for my Nairn Book Festival appearance on September 3rd (4pm) here

Full details and ticket info for my Moray Book Festival appearance on September 23rd (7pm) here

And I will also be appearing at the Airdrie Book Festival on October 15th. Full details to come.

I am sure you will join me in being enormously excited to see that the brand new Bob Servant book (Why Me? The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant) is available for pre-order on Amazon right now. Read more about the book on the Books Page.

July 2011

Edinburgh Book Festival – I’m delighted that I’ll be appearing at the world’s biggest book festival. It will be some Dundonian mumbling and then an appearance by very special guests to bring to life some of the email exchanges. Full details here.

June 2011

There were a few unofficial disappointing Bob Servant Facebook pages so I thought I might as well do an official disappointing one. It’s right here.

I’m delighted to say the third Bob Servant book is set for an October 1st release in the UK and Australia. It is titled Why Me? The Very Important Emails of Bob Servant. See the Books Page for more information.

May 2011

Bob Servant E-Books! Both Delete This At Your Peril - The Bob Servant Emails and Bob Servant - Hero Of Dundee are now available on e-books format. Here's the Amazon links here and here.

The List Magazine now carries 'Ask Bob', my hard-hitting problem page.

Look out for it on the newstands throughout Scotland and if you have a pressing personal issue you'd like addressed send it over to

April 2011

The third Bob Servant book will be released in Autumn 2011, more details to follow, but it's another collection of emails and I'm very much enjoying putting it together.

The Bob Servant Emails radio show will be available for download by the end of the summer, thanks for all requests. In the meantime, I probably shouldn't say, but you'll find a couple of episodes on Youtube.

March 2011

Had a great time at the Glasgow Book Festival, I'm doing the Aberdeen Word Festival on Saturday 14th May at 6.30pm. Full details here. This year I'm also doing the Edinburgh, Moray and Nairn festivals, more details to follow.

Delete This At Your Peril will be released in e-book format in May, check back here for details.

January 2011

Radio 4 are repeating the full series of The Bob Servant Emails every Thursday night at 11.15pm starting on January 27th. See the radio page for full details.

Lee Healey's Bob Servant artwork is now completed and looks fantastic. Full details here.

December 2010

Radio 4 will be repeating three episodes of The Bob Servant Emails over the Christmas period. They are going out at 12.30pm within the You and Yours hour in the following order -

Fri 17th Dec - Lions, Gold and Confusion
Fri 24th Dec - Bob's Granny Surprise
Fri 30th Dec - Willy's Indian Palace

And will be available on Iplayer for a week after broadcast, through the You and Yours programme link.

November 2010

Too cheap to buy the newly republished Delete This At Your Peril - The Bob Servant Emails? Can't blame you, just read the Guardian extracts for free right here.

Neil Forsyth will be appearing at the Belle and Sebastian curated All Tomorrows Parties festival on December 10th 2010 during their weekend long bash at Minehead. Read more here. Bob Servant is unable to appear because of a passport issue.

October 2010

The BBC radio adaptation has now been recorded by a magnificent cast of Brian Cox, Felix Dexter, Laura Solon, Sanjeev Kohli and Lewis MacLeod. Read more on how Hollywood's Brian Cox wound up playing Broughty Ferry's Bob Servant here. It was a fantastic few days and the first transmission is Friday 29th October. For more see the radio page.

Neil Forsyth will be doing a signing of the republished Delete This At Your Peril - The Bob Servant Emails along with the sequel Bob Servant - Hero Of Dundee at Dundee Waterstones on Saturday 6th November at 11.30am

September 2010

Hero Of Dundee, Bob Servant's much anticipated autobiography is released November 1st. Pre-order from Amazon now. And Delete This At Your Peril – The Bob Servant Emails is republished with extra material on the same day. Pre-order from Amazon now.

The Bob Servant Emails radio transmission details. The show will be broadcast by BBC Radio Scotland every Friday at 1.45pm (repeated at midnight) for six weeks from Friday 29th October. It will also be available on I-Player. See the radio page for more.